13 June, 2012

Format Date in Custom Display Form

Hi guys, here is another nice trick that took me a while to get.

Imagine you have a list with a Date field, only showing date value, not Time. If you create a Custom Display Form in Sharepoint Designer, you wiill see something incredible.

  1. Date field shows Time value
  2. Date field shows less 1 hour, which might lead to show one less day in date value
Just like this:
Ok the goal is to format the date value, check how I did it.

1. Edit your custom form in Sharepoint Designer
Open your custom form in Sharepoint Designer and select the date value.

2. Add a format Formula 
Click the Formula button and write the following Formula:

ddwrt:FormatDate(string(@Date), 1033, 1)
  • Don't forget to use the string function!! Will give you an error in XPath bla bla bla...
  • 1033 is the locale code, check other locale codes here List of Locale Codes
  • 1 is the date format, the possible values are 1, 4, 5, 7,12, 13 or 15, each represent a different date format, pick the one that suites you better.
3. Save the custom form and its done

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  1. This was a big help, Thanks!

    1. Hi jobrocol, glad it helped :)
      Checked your own blog and you also got some nice tips there, how can I register to follow you blog?