15 June, 2012

Explorer view is too slow

Ok I've passed the last day and a half trying to find a solution for a know problem.

Some users, were facing huge low performance copying files to a Document Library in Explorer View. After alot of web surfing without getting anywhere I add a sparkle idea that worked finally.

Check it out.

1. Typical solution: Disable the "Automatically Detect Settings" from IE
Ok this is the typical cause of the problem WebDav protocol and the feature for proxy automatic detection don't like each other.

Open IE and go to Tools->Internet Options->Connections->LAN settings uncheck "Automatically Detect Settings". Like this:
Ok, if this doesn't solve your problem, like it happened to me check next solution

2. Anti-virus solutions is messing with WebDavAV traffic
After burning my eyebrows and almost in tears, I disabled my anti-virus realtime protection. In my case Kaspersky. Surprisingly, Explorer View went live almost immediately.

As I want anti-virus realtime protection, I started to disable parts of that protection and found out that "IM anti-virus protection" was the problem. Yet, this only happens in Kaspersky 2012

If you are using Kaspersky 2012, or your antivirus as also IM protection. Do one of the following:

Disable IM Protection

Enable IM protection only for inboud messages

Hope it helps and saves you time, after all unticking one small check box took me a few hours, lol.

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    1. Hi, glad that you find this blog helpfull. I've been having alot of work and kind get home without strengths to write more stuff. But I promisse you that I'll bring more new stuff soon.
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  2. Bingo, that solved my problem!!! Thx
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    1. Hi Koncis and welcome, I'm glad it helped :)
      Have seen your blog and you've some nice tips there, already following.

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing your knowledge with others. Your comments really helped my team to resolve one of the frustrating issue ....

    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Thomas, welcome to my blog. It's been very rewarding to see the readers comments and words of support. Sadly I've been pretty busy lately, taking pretty much of my time for writing new stuff. I hope I can come out with new stuff pretty soon.

      Cheers for the kind words.