15 June, 2012

Explorer view is too slow

Ok I've passed the last day and a half trying to find a solution for a know problem.

Some users, were facing huge low performance copying files to a Document Library in Explorer View. After alot of web surfing without getting anywhere I add a sparkle idea that worked finally.

Check it out.

13 June, 2012

Format Date in Custom Display Form

Hi guys, here is another nice trick that took me a while to get.

Imagine you have a list with a Date field, only showing date value, not Time. If you create a Custom Display Form in Sharepoint Designer, you wiill see something incredible.

  1. Date field shows Time value
  2. Date field shows less 1 hour, which might lead to show one less day in date value
Just like this:
Ok the goal is to format the date value, check how I did it.

05 June, 2012

SharePoint 2010: Hide Recently Modified

Hi again, after a long wait. Saddly last month couldn't free some time to write a bit. Nevertheless I'm back and with some new tips that will post in the following days.

So the first one is to show, how can you hide the Recently Modified box from the Quick Launch area, in a Wiki Page Library.

Create a new site with a Wiki Page Library
You should get something like this
As you can see there is a, sometimes, annoying Recently Modified box in the Quick Launch.

So check how to hide it in 2 easy steps.