12 December, 2012

Master Detail in Sharepoint (2/2)

Ok, back to continue the article about creating Master Detail relationship in Sharepoint 2010.
In my previous post Master Detail in Sharepoint (1/2) I've shown you how to prepare the Master forms in order to view the Details of a Master item.

Now you need to tweak a bit the Details table form, in order to provide an easy way for the end user to add and update Detail items. Check it out how in this article.

01 December, 2012

Master Detail in Sharepoint (1/2)

Once again I say hi to my followers and Sharepoint fellows. Today I woke up with an urge to write about something that is always a pain in Sharepoint. The Master/Detail thing.

There is no direct way to implement a Master/Detail scenario in Sharepoint, yet I've been using a technique that is pretty simple to implement and very easy for the end user to understand.

As this requires some work, I decided to split it into two articles.

1. Create the Master/Detail relation and Master Forms
2. Update the new (Detail) item link and Detail Forms.

So in this article, I will show you how to create the Master/Detail relation and change the Master Table Forms to reflect it. Check it out how.