09 April, 2012

Filtering lookup columns

Good day all, I bring you another tweak for Sharepoint. In  Sharepoint 2010 and Cascade Lookups I've shown you how to filter a lookup column based on the value of another. Now, what if you want to filter a column, based on a query of the source list?
There are plenty of options over the web on how to do it using third-party tools. In my opinion it is always good to avoid that. Why? Well in the past I had huge problems with  third-party tools, specially restoring sites with those features. 

So, now, I always try to avoid third-party tools unless I've no other option.
Check how I filter columns based on queries in 6 easy steps:

08 April, 2012

Datasheet View not working

This will be one fast tip.

Recently I was struggling with Datasheet View, in some clients it simply didn't show. So how I did it in 30 seconds?

05 April, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 and Cascade Lookups

Here I am for another great tip. One of the things that lack in Sharepoint 2010 is the ability to create Cascade Lookup columns. This is, to filter the options of a lookup column based on the value of another.

Around the web you can find many solutions, I used one hosted in Codeplex The documentation needs some tweak, here you might see how I managed to put it to work.
Also, it has a little problem with Chrome, that I solved.