08 April, 2012

Datasheet View not working

This will be one fast tip.

Recently I was struggling with Datasheet View, in some clients it simply didn't show. So how I did it in 30 seconds?

The icon was enabled, but kept receiving the following message:

After digging a while I find out the problem. I was using Office 2010 x64 with IE x32. 
That means the datasheet view components weren't installed correctly. I need the x86 version of the components. In my case, I couldn't install  Microsoft Office Access database engine 2010 x86 version, as I have Office 2010 x64. So the option now is to have Microsoft Office Access database engine 2007 x86 instead.

If that is your case follow the link pick the version suited to your IE version, install it and bam it should work.

I even tried this components in a computer without any Office application installed. Amazingly I also worked.

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